Patula Risk

Corporate Risk and Insurance Solutions

A bespoke and independent insurance brokerage, providing innovative and specialised risk and insurance solutions to corporate clients in Eswatini.

Patula Risk works with clients to find cost-effective strategies to manage and mitigate unique corporate risks. By focusing on corporate clients in Eswatini, Patula Risk is positioned to act as an extension of a risk management team. It aims to be a market leader and the broker of choice in Eswatini for quality service and valueā€“priced insurance products.

In partnership with an established leading specialist brokerage, that has a wide and international network, Patula Risk is able to service international clients with an African and Eswatini foot print.

Patula Risk
Patula Risk

Patula Risk Swaziland (Pty) Ltd
Ground Floor, PSPF Office Complex, Mbabane, Eswatini

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